How To Added Countdown SET Timer Button In Blogger

You can get this type of button. 
Button Demo

Your File Name this is the demo

File Size: xx MB

The timer button has some feature 

  • The button gives you a premium look 
  • It was also responsive
  • You can use for mobile and desktop visitors  
  • This is Javascript and CSS
  • You can set up a time for intent other page or link 
  • Default it has 20 second 
  • You can change this button color using your websites similar color
  • Its help to control your web ( bounce rate )
  • Its help to grow your post ( Avg. session duration over time )

How it works properly

It works simply. You can set up a time for intent on another page or links. If your website provides some essential files and, you want your website visitors wait some time. 
Then you can use this time counter button. 

If you want this coun timer button. 

Then you want to need to follow some steps⇩⇩
step:1 Open your blogger website dashboard. And click from the slider bar select ( Theme )
step:2 Open theme page and see EDIT HTML➤Click and open Html box and click it
step:3 After click Press your keyboard using  CTRL + F  ➤ Then find </head>
CSS code for style button
step:4 Now copying this CSS code. And paste it ➤ This CSS code </head>
step:5 ➽ Then find </body> tag Using the CTRL + F find option
JAVASCRIPT for style count button
step:6 ➽ Now copying this JAVASCRIPT code. And paste it ➤ This JAVA code </body>
step:7 After paste, complete this CSS and JAVA CODE ➤ Click on Save Theme.

After complete these 7 steps properly then u can use this time counter button in the posts. By using HTML codes.
now you can set up your website using this method. 
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